We’ve had the Good, so here’s the rest…

The Bad

Blackboard is great as a starter, but it can be frustrating to be the guinea pig. You would think that a method of social transformation would lead to massive institutional support. Well, then there is that little old idea of competition. Why would a professional sector lend support to a rival, a potential supposed usurper to the ‘living space’ of a traditional format? There is no reason why a profession would choose to self-sacrifice for the sake of a new model. The emphasis is on the innovative model to become the product of choice. Blackboard is in the mix, along with other big-hitters such as Canvas, but the issue here is quality control of the product delivery agents. One bad teacher in charge of an online system ruins the experience and causes lasting damage to the model. As a matter of functionality, the savings made on online education should be reinvested back into the course delivery services at the human resource level during the transitional period of such LMS platforms. The human factor is given a free pass, and even shifts personal responsibility onto the emerging technology. Could it be that a traditionally minded teacher may even go to the unethical lengths of sabotaging their own online classes in order to subversively defend and promote their preferred method of teaching, i.e. face-to-face? Such a hypothetical situation would indeed be ‘The Bad.’

The Ugly

As with any new mode of inclusive informative systems, WordPress offer itself freely to those who want to express themselves. Quantity is good, but quality is always best. How can readers find ‘the good stuff’ when there are at least 60 million WordPress blogs out there? Google is great if you already have a concept in mind, but how can we really access life-improving information on subjects of which we are entirely ignorant? Why is it that nationalism is still allocated the holy position of dismembering the world community? The internet is censored according to audience and environment, and WordPress readers in the U.S. are no exception to this rule of the rulers. Will we ever see a truly inclusive and egalitarian society or are ‘we’ doomed to never be trusted with the ‘truth’ about the world we live in? As ‘they’ say, the truth is out there and WordPress, at least, is working to keep it accessible. Here is an old-school link to the ugly subjective/objective debate; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protagoras. ‘Truth’ is important, but so to is the need to keep it real.


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